Quartetto di Cremona
July 5, 2018

Our amazing Japan Tour continues

July 3, 2018

Japan Tour: concerts, interviews and Beethoven Box presentation.

July 2, 2018

Enjoying our debut in Japan

June 28, 2018

On our way to Japan, we perform also in Seoul

June 16, 2018

In Geneva playing at the United Nations Palace for human rights

June 13, 2018

Looking forward to perform at the Palais de Nations in Geneva

June 8, 2018

Released today the Beethoven Box

May 29, 2018

With the "Paganini Quartet" on loan from the Nippon Music Foundation and with the Stradivari collection at the Congress Library in Washington

May 13, 2018

Wonderful memories after our debut in Washington D.C.

May 3, 2018

Soon our debut in Washington

April 22, 2018

Joining Goette Konzertdirektion Hamburg

April 18, 2018

Joining Kirshbaum Associates Inc.

April 9, 2018

Memories from the Awarding Ceremony in Katowike

February 9, 2018

Listen to our Mozart on The Strad video section

February 7, 2018

Our new official photos, © Nikolaj Lund

February 2, 2018

Wonderful experience in Amsterdam at the String Quartet Biennale

January 31, 2018

Still thinking of yesterday double standing ovation and looking forward to tonight concert

January 30, 2018

Looking forward to our evening concert at the Muziekgebouw 

January 29, 2018

First day at the String Quartet Biennale in Amsterdam

January 28, 2018

Just arrived in Amsterdam and already on TV

January 24, 2018

Soon in Amsterdam for the String Quartet Biennale

January 24, 2018

A brand new work by Silvia Colasanti for the String Quartet Biennale

January 19, 2018

Soon our new photos

January 18, 2018

Winners of the ICMA 2018

January 15, 2018

Cd review on The Strad regarding Beethoven Volume 8

January 14, 2018

First concert of the new year in Varese

December 27, 2017

Today a presentation of our Beethoven’s volume 8 on the German radio MDR Klassik.

December 21, 2017

On December 2017 number of The Strad 

December 19, 2017

Great emotions in Genova for our last concert of 2017

December 18, 2017

Playing in Genova, our home town, it's always great emotion

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